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June 07, 2009


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When I was young my family lived near Denver and we would eat at a restaurant named "Casa Bonita". They had an actual cliff diver show inside the restaurant. I was to young to comment on the food but it is a unique place for sure.


Hi, I'm a friend of Tara's from when our kids were little and my fam and I now live in Denver. My hubby and I love to go out to eat and have found some favorites. If you are going to be downtown there are TONS of great ones. A favorite is "VESTA's Dipping Grill", others are "The Palm",and "The Denver Chop House",-both are great Steak Houses. There are tons more downtown but I can't think of their names right now. Anyway some of the downtown ones are kind of pricey, others are middle of the road. On the South Denver Metro side of town there is "Hacienda of Colorado", "The White Chocolate Grill", and Del Frisco's (VERY pricey but SOOOOOOO good). If I think of others I'll let you know or you are welcome to email me. Have a good visit while you are here. Hope the weather cooperates for you!

Patrina Odette

Hello! Saw your link on Tara's blog...I'm in Denver! If you're still here, leave a comment, I can give you some good tips! Hope you've been enjoying our lightning shows! You can catch 'em every afternoon, between 3-5pm!

Hi Patrina,

Thanks for visiting my site. I will be in Denver one more night. Any good tips will be appreciated.


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